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  Born in France and raised in both France and the US, I have always evolved in a
and bilingual environment. I studied business in Paris -where I got a
 Masters in Business
Management at ESCP Europe - and worked several years in
 the media and advertising
industry in Paris and New York. During all those years,
 I was always a coach for my friends 
and family, for my colleagues and even for
 my bosses. So I finally decided to listen to my
inner self and realize my potential
 as a professional coach.

I enrolled in the 
Coaching Certificate at New York University (NYU) , where I was taught what  coaching really is and how it differs from other disciplines that people often confuse it with (therapy, consulting, training and mentoring). There, I acquired the necessary skills and competencies to become a professional coach. Meanwhile, I also applied and trained for an accreditation with the
International Coach Federation (ICF) which I obtained, thus making me Associate Certified Coach (ACC)

Both these trainings taught me how to listen for my clients' real potential and help them use their best resources  to find their true vocation and pursue it. The most important learn
ing for me was that a coach is a facilitator, not an advisor: I help my clients find their own solutions and goals and I empower them to act upon them; I do not tell them what I think they should do because who am I to do so ?



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